Hawaiian Style Poke Las Vegas

Hawaiian Style Poke has come a long way from its origins when ancient Hawaiians feasted on freshly caught fish massaged with sea salt, seaweed and crushed inamona or kukui nuts.

Poke’s evolution has often mirrored the tastes of new arrivals. When ships from the West Coast dropped anchor in Hawaiian ports many sailors often traded salmon for salt.

Waves of immigrants from China and Japan also introduced soy sauce and sesame oil. Just as each culture has added its dishes to Hawaii’s culinary melting pot, selections of poke dishes have multiplied.

Here at Vegas Poke we serve a wide variety of freshly made dishes and sides that reflect this historic and ancient style of cuisine.  Just take a look at our Online Menu to see the Chef inspired Poke Bowls, Poke Wraps and even Poke By the Pound.

You can even create your own Poke feasts and Build Your Own dishes using our fresh produce and seafood.  So stop by our restaurant and our friendly staff will help you enjoy Hawaiian Style Poke.


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